Riding High - Aaron Rolph

With each tiny step, I gasp perilously for oxygen in the thin, frigid air and laugh to myself, “What the hell am I doing here?”


With a month off after the opening swing of the Enduro World Series, would there be a changing of the guard or would the paths of dominance continue?

RACE PACE: Jesse Melamed races Pemberton Enduro
Ever wondered how fast the top EWS racers really go? Sit back and watch as Jesse Melamed captures the win at a local Enduro race.
And just like that, it was time to go racing once again. The South American swing of the Enduro World Series delivered two electrifying and diverse races, pushing riders to their limit. 
PHOTO EPIC: UCI Downhill World Championships Cairns
No points, no strategy, no time to conserve. The World Championships present a one day race where the winner takes all.
Fast Life with Loic Bruni
As Loïc Bruni and the rest of the UCI downhill racers approach the end of the 2017 season, take a look back on the most memorable moments, heaviest crashes, thrilling victories and crushing defeats of the year.
PHOTO EPIC: UCI DH World Cup #4 Lenzerheide

A reenergized Santa Cruz Syndicate find themselves just where they want to be; leading the series, leading the team overall and having just as much fun as before!

PHOTO EPIC: UCI DH World Cup #2 Fort William

Unsatisfied with 19, Greg Minnaar pushed through another week of challenging conditions to capture his 20th World Cup victory, further etching his name into the record books.