PHOTO EPIC: DH World Cup #3 Leogang

PHOTO EPIC: DH World Cup #3 Leogang

Bike racing brings the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. Leogang was no different.

For many years the Leogang track received complaint within the pits but this year's track brought fresh sections of natural terrain and provoked a new level of excitement within the riders for this once tired hillside.

A race run crash almost put an end to Valentina Holl's hometown victory hopes but her impressive speed payed dividends and she was able to land on the top step once again. 3 races, 3 wins, is she set for a perfect season?

Kye A'Hern looks to be picking up this World Cup racing thing well, picking up back to back wins and the leaders jersey in the last 2 weeks. Is he about to run away with this title?

Myriam Nicole finished 2nd in Leogang, retaining the leaders jersey as the season heads into it's later half.

After a year of adversity, injuries, crashes, and even the odd mechanical, Rachel Atherton has returned to the top step. That's 35 wins if you're counting..

Two weeks of heart break for Luca Shaw will be hard to shake, but his speed is there and his time will come.

Mark Wallace returned to the top 10 in Leogang, adding to Canyon Factory Racing's impressive weekend.

After a few difficult years welshman Mike Jones is starting to show his true potential again in 2018. 8th place for the MS Mondraker rider and many races insight to climb ever higher.

Loris Vergier struggled with the track in his race run and didn't put together the run he was looking for. 5th place isn't so bad on your bad days..

4th place and searching for more, Troy Brosnan is always a threat and you know he's already eyeing up his next opportunity for victory.

Laurie Greenland has been blazing fast all season long and in Leogang it all came together, landing him an impressive 3rd place finish. There's a constant debate on who'll be the next new rider to a win a World Cup. Greenland has made his case.

Photo credit: Sven Martin // Boris Beyer

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