With a month off after the opening swing of the Enduro World Series, would there be a changing of the guard or would the paths of dominance continue?

The sleepy French town of Olargues would play host to round 3 of the Enduro World Series, and what a round it was! With two arduous days of racing and miles of tight French single track, racers would once again be tested to their limits.

Cecile Ravanel wrapped up a home soil victory onboard her new 29" Commencal. That's 3 for 3, if you're counting.

Ines Thoma looked strong all weekend, scoring a season's best 3rd place finish.

Starting where he left off, GT's Martin Maes claimed an impressive 3rd place finish in his first race back from injury.

Florian Nicolai was no stranger to the complexities of the French single track; 4th place for Flying Flo.

Navigating the rocks and pleasing the crowds; Mark Scott pushed hard to capture 7th place at one of the most challenging EWS races to date.

Alongside Flo and Ines's results, Dim Tordo's 12th place finish was enough to land Canyon Factory Racing onto the top spot in the team classification.

A tough first day left Iago Garay in 67th place but he went to work on day 2 and fought all the way back up to 31st!

20th place for Remi Gauvin, but we know there's more to come.

Photos: Sven Martin & Boris Beyer

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