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The feel of your crankbrothers pedal engagement is entirely dependent on the interface between your pedal and shoe tread. Tread height varies across all shoe models, which means some shoes make more contact with the pedals than others. The shoe tread should sit directly on the pedal body. If this interface is too tight or too loose, you might have performance issues with your pedals. By properly tuning this interface, you can customize the way your pedals feel when you clip in and out. Crankbrothers offers solutions to fine tune this interface to create the engagement feel that you prefer.

If you can feel your foot rocking side-to-side on the pedal, your tread is not making solid contact with the pedal body. Installing tread contact sleeves onto your pedal will tighten this interface. Tread contact sleeves increase the thickness in the pedal body by adding material in the area where your shoe makes contact. They include three thicknesses (1mm, 2mm, and 3mm), and are compatible with eggbeater and candy pedals (levels 2, 3, 11). If you do a lot of hike-a-bikes, your shoe tread might wear quickly, so the various thicknesses allow you to accommodate for this tread loss over time. Tread contact sleeves are your simple solution for removing side-to-side play and customizing how your pedal engagement feels.

Sometimes if a shoe has a particularly tall tread height, you might not be able to clip into the pedals without a lot of effort. Installing a shim between your shoe and cleat will help solve this problem. All crankbrothers cleats include plastic shims, so if you’re having trouble getting into your pedals, try adding these shims under your cleats. You can also use the stainless steel shoe shields for this same purpose, which will also protect the sole of your shoe from potential pedal damage. Some downhill style shoes require additional spacers, so it is possible to run a plastic shim under the stainless steel shoe shield. Proper cleat spacing allows you to easily clip-in without shoe tread interference.

You can also control the amount of float you have with your pedals once you’re clipped in. Crankbrothers pedals have always been known for their increased float, but some riders prefer less float for greater pedaling efficiency. The standard premium cleats are designed to have 6° of free float. Crankbrothers now offers a new 0° float cleat that removes this float, giving you more options in customizing the feel of your pedals.

Experimenting with these tuning options will let you determine the best setup for your pedal and shoe combination. If you need tips or have questions, contact

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