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Friday Fifteen #1 - Martin Maes

Welcome to Friday Fifteen, where every week we ask your questions to one of the world's best riders! Keep an eye out on our Instagram profile for your chance to submit questions to your favorite riders. First up, EWS machine Martin Maes!

Crankbrothers: What’s your favorite Belgian beer?

Martin Maes: A Duvel never disappoints!

CB: How did you first get into mountain biking?

MM: My dad was racing as I was growing up. I’ve always looked up to him and I truly wanted to do what he did. Without thinking it could become a job or anything. This came after naturally.

CB: Tell us the memory you have of the first time you won a mountain bike race.

MM: It was back when I was still very young I guess so I can’t remember much. I started racing when I was 5 years old. However, I have amazing memories the first time I won against my big brother in a dual slalom race.

CB: Best piece of advice anyone has ever given you?

MM: To avoid riding over your own limits and do your personal best while racing.

CB: And worst?

MM: To change team ! ;-)

CB: Do you like riding flat pedals?

MM: I love it! I rode flats pedals until I was 15 years old.

CB: What’s your weekly training schedule like?

MM: 2 gyms session, 2 runs a week, a lot of road riding and MTB of course. It’s approximately 15 hours of exercises a week on a normal training week.

CB: What motivates you to race?

MM: The satisfaction of giving back what the sponsors give you through the year. And also seeing the hard work paying off.

CB: What are you thinking about before you drop into a stage?

MM: I tell myself to be smart & fast. It’s all about confidence in yourself.

CB: Being successful at Enduro, what percentage is skills? And what percentage fitness?

MM: 90% skills. However, it happens to be on the longest stages that riders make the biggest time difference.

CB: World Cups or EWS, which is more fun?

MM: EWS because you have about 10 times more riding time over the weekend of racing.

CB: What is your favorite EWS venue?

MM: Finale Ligure by far. End of the season, good food, perfect weather, and unbelievable riding. This place has it all.

CB: Will you ever do a full downhill World Cup schedule?

MM: I will for sure do at least one season of DH racing.

CB: You get one wish; how would you make mountain bike racing better?

MM: I’ll get helicopters to film all the stages of the EWS to have a live race. I feel like there are not so many improvements to be made luckily! DH & XC have an awesome following with RedBull TV.

CB: What are your goals for 2020?

MM: Be fast and healthy all season!😀

Photos: Sven Martin

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