5 minute pedal maintenance

May 21st 2014//

Here are a few simple steps to keep you crankbrothers pedals running smooth.

tools you’ll need:
large flat blade Screwdriver
8mm Socket Wrench
rag or paper towel
zip tie

• Remove the endcap with a large, flat blade screwdriver
• Remove the 8mm nut with a socket wrench
• Slide the pedal body assembly off the spindle
• Using a rag or paper towel, wipe away the old grease from the seal, spindle and from inside the pedal body.
• If seal was removed, reinstall (narrow side facing in) just past the polished bushing/bearing surface on the spindle.
• Apply grease generously the spindle bushing/bearing surface and on all areas except the threaded end.
• Grease inside of the pedal body.
• Gently slide pedal body assembly back onto the spindle. Be careful not to push the cartridge bearing out of the body.
• Install axle nut with 8mm socket and tighten to 4Nm. Pedal body may still feel loose on spindle at this stage.
• Install the end cap with the large flat blade screwdriver. Tighten plastic cap to 2.5Nm. Aluminum to 3Nm.
• Check the seal and confirm it is 2mm deep into pedal body. It may be necessary to press in deeper using the end of a bent zip tie.
• Repeat on the other side.

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