pedal accessories

pedal accessories – check out shoe shields, tread contact sleeves, and cleat options to fine-tune your engagement and customize the way your pedals feel when you clip in and out. grab a refresh kit and service your pedals annually for optimum performance.

wheel accessories

wheel accessories – wheel endcap kits allow you to adapt your crankbrothers wheels to fit various axle configuration on your bike. if you want to run sram xx1 on your current gen crankbrothers wheels, the xd driver adapter kit is all you’ll need.

seatpost accessories

seatpost accessories – customizing your products to match your bike is key, and the seatpost rail color kits let you do just that. just choose your color and swap out the clamp on your post. If you’re using a Fizik saddle with carbon rails, simply use the 7×9 rail adapter kit for compatibility with the carbon railed saddle.