Crankbrothers Launches Synthesis Carbon Wheel Demo Program

Powered By Continental Tires

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Crankbrothers is excited to announce the launch of the Synthesis Carbon Wheel Demo Program, powered by Continental Tires! Available to anyone in the USA, Crankbrothers will now offer demo wheels shipped directly to your home, pre-installed with Continental Tires!

Crankbrothers Synthesis Tuned Carbon Wheels combine a compliant front wheel with a stiff rear wheel to achieve optimal ride characteristics of each. The compliant front wheel improves handling and control in turns, while the stiff rear wheel enhances stability and tracking at speed.

We currently offer the following options from our Synthesis Carbon range:

Enduro: E11 29 (XD,HG,MS) E11 27.5 (XD,HG,MS) E11 29F/27.5R (XD,HG,MS)

XC: XCT11 29 (XD,HG,MS)

DH: DH11 (XD,HG) 

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 wheel on work bench

Riders simply need to select their wheel choice at, place a fully refundable deposit, and Crankbrothers will ship you a pair of wheels to try for two weeks! 

Vital MTB quote:

"By thinking outside of the box and combining the best application for both ends of the stiffness spectrum, Crankbrothers has created an excellent wheelset for how mountain bikes react to rider input and communicate the trail. We feel confident in saying that Synthesis wheelsets offer improved handling that will encourage a wide variety of riders to push harder.” - Brandon Turman

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