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Why are the two cleats different?
One cleat has two small dots (or divots) in the center between the bolt holes, and the other cleat does not. If you put the cleat with two dots on it on your right shoe, then both pedals release outwards at a 15 degree angle and if you put the one with the two little dots on your left shoe, then both pedals release outwards at about 20 degrees. First-time users should start with the 15 degree release angle.

What shoes will the cleats work with?
The cleats that come with candy pedals are designed to work with mountain bike shoes that have a treaded sole and use the 2-hole pattern. You may use the candy with road shoes using the 3-hole delta patter with the attachment of the crankbrothers 3-hole Cleat. Only crankbrothers cleats work with crankbrothers pedals.

How do I clip into and out of the pedals?
Start by practicing with one foot on the ground, and one foot on the pedal. Point your toe slightly downward, find the pedal bars with your cleat. Press down firmly until your cleat enters the pedal. To exit the pedal, twist your heal outward. Practice this until you feel comfortable. If you have questions or problems, contact your local crankbrothers dealer or contact us directly 949-464-9916, M-F 9am-5pm, PST.

I'm having difficulty clipping into the pedals.
Many mountain bike shoes have thick tread on the sole. This can make it difficult to clip into the pedals. If you experience this, install one shim (thin black plastic wafer that goes between the sole and cleat) on each shoe. This will position the cleat farther away from the sole and closer to the pedal. A maximum of 2 shims per cleat may be used. If this does not work, slightly trim the shoes tread (in the contact area only) using a sharp blade or sanding wheel, Proceed in small increments and check fitment between each trimming. The tread should make contact with the pedal, but not so much that the tread compresses and allows the cleat to contact the spring (which causes difficulty clipping in).

What is float?
Float is the amount of unrestricted movement the cleat has within the pedal when the cleat is engaged. Most riders require a small amount of float for healthy knees. crankbrothers pedals have a total of 6 degrees of rotational float (3 degrees to the left and 3 to the right).

Can I replace the internal bearings, bushings and seals?
Yes, the pedals are very easy and fast to rebuild. The only tools necessary are a flat head screwdriver, 6 or 8mm hex wrench and 8mm socket wrench. We offer rebuild kits for each pedal that include bearings, bushings, seals and endcaps. We recommend rebuilding your pedal once a year (2-3 times a year if you ride in harsh conditions on a regular basis). The egg beater mxr, smarty and 5050x are NOT designed to be rebuilt.

What is the warranty policy?
We offer one of the best warranty policies in the industry: a 2 year warranty on all pedals, 5 years on all bottom brackets and directsets, and lifetime warranty on our pumps and tools. If you have questions or problems, contact your local crankbrothers dealer or contact us directly 949-464-9916, M-F 9am-5pm, PST

How do they perform in mud and snow?
We believe it to be the best on the market. The simple, open design sheds mud and snow permitting positive engagement in the foulest conditions.

Are these pedals for road or mountain?
Both. It is great on the road because it light, low profile, easy to clip in and out of, and it won't let you pull out unintentionally. It's great on the trail because it is durable, the bearings are easy to replace, and of course it's better in mud than any other pedal. To use crankbrothers pedals with road shoes, you'll need one of our road specific cleats.

What shoes will the cleats work with?
The type of shoe you have determines which cleat you need, not the pedal model. Mountain bike shoes with knobby souls and 2-hole bolt pattern use the Premium Cleat. Road shoes with smooth souls and 3-hole (also known as the delta) bolt pattern require our 3h Cleat http://crankbrothers.com/3hole_cleat.php?itemId. Both of these offer the 6 degrees of float. If you are using a Quattro pedal with road shoes, you can achieve a fixed (no float) fit with the fx Cleat.

Will the pedals wear on my carbon-fiber soled shoes?
Normally the wings of the pedal don't put a large amount of pressure on the bottom of the shoe. However, with enough use, or with worn cleats, the bars will wear slightly into the bottom of any shoe. While this does not normally result in structural/performance damage, it can be prevent by employing the crankbrothers shoe shield.

Is the spring tension adjustable?
No, it's not necessary. With the candy, the spring tension is not what keeps you from pulling out of the pedal. With conventional pedals, if the spring tension is set low, then it's easy to unclip but also easy to accidentally pull out of the pedal. If the spring tension is set high, then you won't accidentally pull out of the pedal but it's also very hard to purposely clip out. The medium spring tension of the candy allows easy unclipping when twisting your foot, yet won't let you pull out otherwise.

What is stack height?
Stack height indicates how close your foot is to the center of the spindle. A lower stack height gives you a better bio-mechanical contact to the pedal for enhanced energy transfer. The candy has a lower stack height than most other road and mountain pedals. crankbrothers pedals have a stack height of only 15.2mm (0.600inch) which is 3mm - 5mm closer than many other pedals.

Can the end cap be removed?
Yes, the end cap can be removed for rebuild purposes. The cap should ALWAYS be in place and tightened down while the pedal is being used. Use of pedals with no end caps puts tremendous load on the bearing leading to failure of the bearing.

Should I grease the spindle threads?
Yes, always apply a light coat of grease to the threads before installing the pedal into the crank.