premium cleats 0º float cleat 3-hole cleat shoe shields tread contacts pin kit 1 / 2 rebuild kit classic rebuild double wheel bag xd driver body cobalt endcaps rear endcap kit iodine/opium kit 1st gen cobalt iodine 9mm iodine 15mm 12 x 135mm split qr skewer seatpost rail kit 7x9 rail kit kronolog remote split seat collar

1 / 2 rebuild kit

rebuild kits for crankbrothers level 1 or 2 pedals

parts and instructions to rebuild 1 pair of crankbrothers pedals.

level 1 / 2 rebuild kits are compatible with candy and eggbeater pedals dating back to 2010,
and with mallet or 5050 pedals dating back to 2011.
please note the eggbeater mxr, smarty, 5050x,
and acid 0 pedals not serviceable.



how to rebuild eggbeater pedals

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